Warwickshire Property Management (WPM)

Warwickshire Property Management (WPM) is part of Warwickshire Property and Development Group (WPDG) and was appointed to manage lettings and tenancy matters for  Warwickshire County Council  in July 2022.

WPM was established to provide a dedicated resource to deal with tenancy matters and has made great strides since being appointed.

The team now manages the lettings on more than 600 Warwickshire County Council-owned properties, including commercial offices, public buildings, farms, country parks, nature reserves, charitable housing, group homes, academy schools, community centres and other assets across the county.

WPM is specialist, and by focusing time on lease management has been able to bring significant benefit to the Council. Collectively the team is very experienced and has used that experience to support lettings which previously sat under various Council departments.

Since forming the team has set about maximising what was already in place and has designated various portfolios to each member of the team so they can develop an unrivalled knowledge of those properties, be it lettings at a country park, school nursery, or agricultural premises.

Given the dedicated and focused nature of the team they have been dealing with re-setting the baseline by undertaking rent reviews and lease renewals that have been holding over which is seeing higher returns to the Council and providing the tenants the engagement with a full-time resource.

This work has resulted in an increased rent role, but the service isn’t just about commercial lettings. WPM are equally committed with Warwickshire County Council to ensure that community letting are completed in an efficient way. A number of the lettings have been related to community centres, allotments and skate parks which provide a valuable service in the community.

The work undertaken by WPM is already providing important funds for the Council to invest in activities and initiatives which will bring immediate and long-term benefits to the county.

This all brings a better service to tenants too, they have an easy to reach point of contact, who is on hand to give support on any queries around their tenancy.

A new lease also brings certainty to a business, it gives business owners security and the confidence to invest in growing their operations right here in Warwickshire.

If you would like to speak to one of the Property Management Team, please call on 01926 956492 or email property@wpdg.co.uk